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What to Expect


Schedule: 10am In Person (& Virtual) Worship

What to wear:

Dress shirts and dresses, ties, jeans, shorts, tee shirts, you will likely find some combination of all of these things at our Sunday morning worship. We gather to worship God, and want you to feel welcome to worship with us, in whatever attire makes you comfortable.

Our worship services:

All of our worship services have Bible readings, a sermon from our pastor, and music. Our music is always a mix of old (some very old!) and new songs, and we love to sing. Most of our music is led using our organ or piano, but several times throughout the year you might find guitar, bass, and drums joining us in worship as well.

Following along with our worship:

Nearly everything you need to participate with our worship service is projected onto a screen at the front of our worship space. The only exceptions are the Bible passages we read, which are provided on printed pages, and our music, which is found in songbooks in our pews. Our pastor or musician always gives guidance on finding the right song.

Holy Communion:

We celebrate Holy Communion at every worship service, it is perhaps the most important element of our worship! At our 10am worship, everyone is invited by ushers to receive communion in continuous fashion from their seats. Jesus is the host of this meal and invites us all to receive it; you are welcome at this table!

Our building:

There are two main entrances, one in our parking lot (enter off of Oak Ave.) and an entrance on Oak Ave. An accessible ramp entrance is found facing Crestwood Dr.

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